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DDecode - Hex,Octal,HTML Decoder

HTML/Oct/Hex Decoder This tool will attempt to revert any type of encoding (including Hex, html, Oct, etc). Very useful for webmasters trying to identify what a specific code is doing (from WordPress themes/plugins or Joomla templates).

Tor Project | Anonymity Online

Our mission: To advance human rights and freedoms by creating and deploying free and open source anonymity and privacy technologies, supporting their unrestricted availability and use, and furthering their scientific and popular understanding.

Georgia Sapounas » Canadian Athletes’ Online Brands

Canadian Athletes’ Online Brands Posted by Georgia Sapounas in Branding , Lifestyle , Passion , Social Media I’d like to take a look at three Canadian athletes’ brands over my next few blog posts and highlight what they do well and in addition look at what else they can do to captivate their audience and tell their story.

Dizzy Wright - The Growing Process | Album Review by The ...

Dizzy Wright, for those of you not acquainted, has been doing this rap thing for 5 years, but his latest offering, The Growing Process, is only the second official album release during that time.

Bull Brigade on tour in september 2017 - Bull Brigade - Torino

ITA: SUBKULTURA BOOKING & RECORDS presenta il tour europeo dei Bull brigade a settembre 2017. ENG: SUBKULTURA BOOKING & RECORDS presents the Bull Brigade’s tour in september 2017 Shows: 22.09.17 D-Amburgo, Menschenzoo 23.09.17 Dkn-Copenaghen, uderwerket 24.09.17 D-Brema, Haifischbecken 25.09.17 D-Hof, punk keller 26.09.17 D-Lipsia, aff 27.09 ...

Infographics: States won by both PDP and APC in figures ...

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Tragedy, Gun Control, and our Beloved Sport, Recreational ...

Tragedy, Gun Control, and our Beloved Sport, Recreational Shooting. Tuesday, October 24, 2017 #VegasStrong. Bite the Bullet X is based here in Las Vegas, NV. The recent tragedy was gut wrenching for all Americans. Watching these innocent concert goers go through that really took everyone back and by surprise. Evil and sick are two things we will not be able to rid our society from anytime soon ...